Neverwinter Campaign

This is a Heroic-tier political game. Shape the power struggle in Neverwinter. Seek the crown for yourself or play kingmaker. Usher Neverwinter into a new age of glory or command rebels, cultists and drow as you claim a bloody throne. Anything goes.

When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die. There is no middle ground.

Jewel of the North

Neverwinter used to be such a nice place. The namesake river running through the city stayed warm year-round, keeping the port clear of ice in winter by carrying the heat of distant Mount Hotenow. The royal line of Alagondar ruled fairly, guided by Tyr, god of justice. All was well in the Jewel of the North.

About a century ago the Spellplague struck. Wizards turned into human torches, buildings teleported into the city from…somewhere else, and chunks of land broke off and floated into the air. Yet most of the city remained intact and life continued on.

What the Spellplague could not destroy, a goddamn volcano did. Twenty-seven years ago Mount Hotenow erupted. The land was sundered, the river ran with lava and scalding ash rolled through the city. Much of the city was leveled and the entire royal family slain along with thousands of citizens. One district collapsed into the ground, forming the Chasm which still routinely vomits forth aberrant horrors and hungry Underdark creatures.

Survivors fled to Waterdeep, leaving monsters and smoking ruins behind. Only a few remained in the city. The holdouts built a makeshift wall blocking off the Chasm and settled in for a long struggle with monsters, disease and famine.


Neverwinter has been reborn through the power and ambition of one man. He is Lord Dagult Neverember, the Open Lord of Waterdeep and now Lord Protector of Neverwinter. Dagult has imported an army of carpenters and craftsmen from Waterdeep along with foreign mercenaries to guard them and clear the ruins of threats. The docks bring more goods and returning citizens by the day. Already one district has been rebuilt and pacified; some would say turned into a police state.

Neverember works to prove his heritage and officially claim the throne. Not all accept his leadership. The Sons of Alagondar have blood ties to the city and rebel against Neverember’s growing power in their land. Criminals, Harpers, Thayans, cultists and worse scheme and profit from the political struggle. Who will claim the crown of Neverwinter?

Character Creation

As a political intrigue game, combat is a last resort. That’s not to say there will be no combat, but that you will always have options on how to proceed. An ambush by street thugs might leave you with a chance to be in control of a gang. I don’t care if you are combat-optimal or not, all that really matters is your story and what it adds to the game.

-Start at level 1.
-Pick a Theme. I highly recommend a theme from the Neverwinter Campaign Setting or supporting Dragon articles. Any theme is ok, though you will have to flavor a Dark Sun or Dragon theme to fit the setting. The new themes are a bit more powerful but don’t feel forced to pick one of them; I will balance weaker themes out with other perks when it matters (at level 5).
-Standard starting stats and gold.
-You get one free Expertise feat. Use the Houserule Feat button in character builder to add this. Suggest you take the Essentials version of the expertise feat to get the side effects. If you have any questions on this ask.
-Background: Choose one. You can use this to get access to a non-class skill or whatever. Extra or improved skills will serve you better than the ‘extra hit points’ backgrounds.
-Deity: The setting has a huge pantheon and most people pray to whoever is appropriate for the situation, good or evil. A quick plea for luck to Tymora may be followed by a muttered offering to Beshaba to curse an enemy.
-Alignment: Unaligned preferred. No blind crusaders or cackling evildoers.
-Race: Common races in the setting are humans, elves, dwarves and halflings. Those will be most of the commoners you meet. Anything else will require a bit more explanation but I wont outright ban anything. Just remember this is a typical medieval city in a fairly generic medieval fantasy setting; it is not the Feywild or Dark Sun.
-Hybrids/any class/race are fine. Any crunch is fine as long as you tie it to an appropriate backstory. I don’t care about Role. If we end up with 5 strikers or something I may apply the Gamma World second wind rule (minor action that heals half your HP). -Give us a portrait. Find something appropriate on the net or whatever.
-Email me your completed character .dnd4e file, exported from the Builder, along with your background story.

Character Background Story

You begin the game in Neverwinter, though you may have traveled from Waterdeep or elsewhere. If you are a Neverwinter native you may have a house, family or other details. Your character can be almost anything from anywhere. The most important question to answer in your background is “Why do you care about Neverwinter?”

Make sure you have an answer, preferably one I can drape a campaign around. Have a suitably epic goal in or around the city. Maybe you are a secret heir to the Alagondar line, come to prove your bloodline and claim the throne. Check out some of the new theme fluff in the online character builder to get ideas.

If your story or goals have elements you prefer remain hidden from the other players that’s great. Some of the themes beg for this sort of thing (I’m looking at you, Devil’s Pawn). Email them to me or whatever and use an ‘official’ story or fake sheet as cover. Just stick to my alignment guidance. Secret werewolf is ok, secret asshole is not.

Once character creation is nailed down we will figure out how you know each other. There will be some initial ties of blood or money to get things moving. Preferably the group will have a natural leader (not the 4e role) to gel around. The game will be tailored to your characters. There is no preplanned story path or module.

Crown of Neverwinter